Semen Analysis

Male factor infertility accounts for about half of all infertility problems.  Issues that can elucidated in males through a semen analysis include problems with the sperm count, sperm morphology (how the sperm appear structurally), and sperm motility (how they move).
The first step for investigating whether there is an issue is to perform a semen analysis. This will be one of the first tests performed after your consultation with Dr. Levi.  The test involves collecting the ejaculate (either in the privacy of the home or in the specimen collection room in our office) and analyzing the specimen microscopically.  All semen analyses are performed on-site by our andrologist.

Patients are called with their test results within 48 hours.  Treatments are recommended based on the results of the semen analysis.  Sometimes a referral to a urologist is given if abnormalities are discovered.  In other cases, fertility treatments, such as IUI or ICSI, can be performed to overcome even the most severe forms of male factor infertility. 

If you have any questions regarding semen analysis, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Levi.